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How To Access Leganto

Leganto Log-In for Canvas

You can access Leganto in the following ways...

1. Find the Leganto link in your course navigation menu in Canvas (see image).

2. Log-in to Leganto directly at the following URL using your SFC username and password:

Create a Reading List

After selecting the Leganto link in the Course Navigation menu, click on the Create It button to begin a new reading list.

create it button

NOTE: When you start a new reading list from inside Canvas, Leganto will automatically associate this reading list with your course.

Leganto will also pre-populate the title field based on your course ID in Canvas.
Add a description and then click the Create button to create your reading list.

adding a title in Leganto

Once you have logged in to Leganto, click the New List button in the My Lists menu.
Add a title and description and then click the Create button.

Creating a Reading List in Leganto

NOTE: When you start a new reading list in Leganto you will have to manually associate the list with your course. Learn how on the Organize a List page of this guide.

When creating a list you have the option of choosing a template with a predefined structure or simply starting with a blank template.

select a template

NOTE: Regardless of which template you choose, it is easy to edit and customize the structure of your reading list to best meet the needs of your course.