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Useful Functions

Leganto has some other useful and advanced functions that you might want to take advantage of. Check out the boxes below for more details on these functions...

You can export a reading list in multiple file formats, including:

  • Word
  • PDF
  • Excel
  • RIS

To export a reading list, click on the list's 3 Ellipsis button and select Export from the drop-down menu.

export reading list menu item

Once you have selected your file format you can export your reading list. If you select Word format you can also choose a citation style for your reading list export.

choosing a citation style for reading list export

my collection

My Collection is your own personal Leganto library. Once you save an item to your collection, you can use the resource in multiple reading lists.

You can access your collection using the hamburger menu in the top left corner.

You can add items to your collection by clicking on the Add Items button. You have the option to use the Library Search or Manually Add a Citation. You can also use the Cite It! tool to add items to your collection.

how to add items to My Collection

Leganto allows instructors to enable student discussions for both the reading list as a whole and individual citations. To enable student discussions:

1. Click on the reading list's 3 Ellipsis menu.

2. Click on Configure List Discussions to expand the menu item. Toggle to show/hide student discussions.

configure student discussions

A student discussion thread will display in the right-hand-side pane both for the reading list as a whole and for each individual citation in the reading list.

student discussion for citation

Leganto provides instructors with usage statistics to see how students are engaging with your course resources.

To access usage reports, click on the Report icon in the icon list (just below your reading list title).

icon menu

You will see student usage statistics below each individual citation.

Each citation will also have engagement icons showing the number of comments, likes and views for all Leganto users (not limited to students)

NOTE: Student usage statistics are updated daily. The engagement icons are updated in real time.

usage statistics

NOTE: If an item has no usage then you will not see a report for that item.