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Organizing a List

Leganto reading lists can be structured by adding sections to organize your resources. Reading lists are commonly organized by:

  • Time frame (week 1, week 2 etc)
  • Thematically (topic 1, topic 2 etc)
  • Resource types (articles, books, videos etc)
  • Importance (required reading, recommended reading etc)

Check out the boxes below to learn more about adding and managing sections to help organize your reading list...

Creating and Managing Sections

To add a new section, click the New Section button in the reading list.

Give your section a title and description (try to use titles/descriptions that will be meaningful for your students)

Adding a new section

As an advanced feature, the date ranges control visibility settings. You can leave this blank or you can input a date range to restrict viewing to that date range only (this is useful if you wish to slowly reveal sections through the semester).

NOTE: You can add as many sections as you like. Follow the same process to add additional sections.

Reordering sections or citations is really easy in Leganto. Just follow these simple steps...

To reorder a section, first click on the Toggle Section View icon. This will collapse the sections so only the titles are displayed.

Toggle Section View

Mouse over the right-hand side of the section you wish to move. Click on the blue panel and drag the section to it's new location.

Reorder Sections

You can set visibility restrictions to hide content and only make it visible during certain date ranges.

To change the visibility settings of a section...

1. Click on the 3 Ellipsis button on the right hand side of the section.

2. Select Edit Section from the dropdown menu.

Hide a Section

3. Enter the date range and check the box that says Section visible only during these dates.

Hide a Section

To change the visibility settings of an item...

1. Click on the 3 Ellipsis button on the right hand side of the item.

2. Select Edit Item from the dropdown menu.

How to Hide an Item

3. In the menu that opens on the right, scroll down until you find theMore item details link. Click on it to expand the item menu.

Expand the item menu

4. In the Display Citation section, enter your date range (the item will only display during these dates).

Entering citation date ranges

Associations & Collaborations

Manage Collaborators

It's possible to collaborate with other colleagues on your reading lists. To add a collaborator, simply open the Collaborator drop down and select the Manage Collaborator link.

In the pop-up box, enter the collaborator's name or SFC email address and click Send Invitation.

invite a collaborator

If you started your reading list with the Create It wizard in Canvas, your list will automatically be associated with your course.

To associate your Leganto reading list with your course, follow these simple steps:

1. In your reading list, click on the 3 Ellipsis button to open the dropdown menu.

2. Select Manage course association from the dropdown menu.

manage course association

3. Search for the course (title or code) you wish to associate your reading list with. Once you select a course, the list will be associated.

manage course association. Searching for a course