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Library Life

Emergency Closing

Special Access to E-Resources

In response to the coronavirus outbreak many publishers and library vendors are providing free access to licensed digital content in order to help colleges with the transition to online learning. We have assembled this list of content that might be useful to the SFC community (use the menu on the left to navigate between sections):

Large eBook/Textbook Collections


Cengage is offering free access to all its digital platforms and 14,000 ebooks through Cengage Unlimited.

Academic eBooks/Journals

Project MUSE

Project MUSE is partnering with publishers to temporarily expand the scholarly content available on its platform. The expanded content includes both eBooks and journals and is provided by university presses, societies, and non-profit publishers in the humanities and social sciences. Project MUSE can be accessed through our library database page.


JSTOR is providing free access to 26 public health journals through June 30, 2020. They will also offer expanded coverage through offering free access to Archive and Primary Source collections as well as increasing the size of their eBook library. JSTOR can be accessed through our library database page.

University of Michigan Press

Making all content from the University of Michigan Press eBook collection free to read until the end of June 2020. Rights restrictions have been removed from over 1150 titles.

University of California Press

Providing free access to all UC Press journals through June 2020. Includes over 40 journals across a range of subject areas.

Duke University Press

Duke University Press is providing free access to all materials from their Navigating the Threat of Pandemic course syllabus. Access to eBooks is free until June 1, 2020 and journal articles until October 1, 2020.

Course Materials

Oxford University Press

To facilitate the switch to online learning, Oxford University Press is providing free access to numerous course materials to help develop and deliver digital learning. These include videos, powerpoint presentations, activities, quizzes and more that can be directly loaded into Canvas.