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This guide highlights SFC Library’s resources for researching Education related topics.

Search Tip

Successful information research requires you to know how to phrase your topic to match those of the research system. So that the system can find results that are on your topic and not mere mention of your words. This is where keywords come in handy. The Oxford English Dictionary defines keyword as "a word (usually one of several) chosen to indicate or represent the content of a larger document, text, record, etc., in an index, catalog, or database." And here is a keyword generator site to help you create keywords.

How to find keywords? Start your search with two or three most significant words that describe your topic. Browse the first two pages of results to look at a few that seems the most relevant. Look at the "Subjects" or "Headings" field in these results. Now try to search using these terms. Another possible method is use databases' thesaurus. Note, all databases have one and sometimes you click a link or a tab to find it. For example, an education related database called ERIC has it in the "Search Tools" tab. And here is the official Library of Congress subject headings for education.