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Lesson Plans


The following sites are specific to particular content areas. Another recommended source is museum websites. Famous museums like the Smithsonian has free lesson plans for teachers. 

Other Education Sites

Evaluating Websites

The Internet offers a wide range of information and perspectives, much of it incorrect-- or, at the very least, incomplete or biased. So consider these criteria for evaluating websites: Authority, Content, Currency, and Reliability. Ask these questions …

Questions of Authority

  1. What are the qualifications of the author of the web page?
  2. To what extent is the author recognized as an authority by others of established credibility?
  3. What form of recognition is it? Published statement? Incoming link? Institutional affiliation?

Questions of Content

  1. How comprehensive is the author's treatment of the subject addressed?
  2. When appropriate, to what extent does the author satisfactorily address competing and alternate perspectives?

Questions of Currency

  1. When was the page last modified?
  2. When was the page first created?
  3. Especially in dynamic fields of study (such as medicine and physics), to what extent does the author take into account recent developments in the field?

Questions of Reliability

  1. What is the purpose of the web page?
  2. To what extent can any of the web page author's statements be attributed to self-interest?
  3. To what extent can any of the author's statements be verified by an authority from another source?