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APA Style

Movie / DVD

Movie/DVDBasic Format:

Director, A.A. (Director). (Year). Title of film [Film]. Production Company.

It is not necessary to say how you watched the film (ie. DVD, online streaming, in a theater) unless that version has some special features or commentary that you make reference to.



Abrams, J.J. (Director). (2019). Star Wars: Episode IX - The rise of Skywalker [Film]. Walt Disney Pictures.

For an episode of a television series include the writer and director of the episode. Provide the season number and episode number after the title. Be sure to include both the name of the episode and the name of the series in italics.


Oakley, B. (Writer), Weinsten, J. (Writer), & Lynch, J. (Director). (1995, May 21). Who shot Mr. Burns? (Part One) (Season 6, Episode 25) [TV Series Episode]. In D. Mirkin, J.L. Brooks, M. Groening, & S.Simon (Executive Producers), The Simpsons. Gracie Films; Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

You Tube / Online Video

Online Video

For online videos from Youtube or other streaming video be sure to include a URL link. The person or group who uploaded the video is credited as the author, even if they did not create the work.

University of Oxford. (2018, December 6). How do geckos walk on water? [Video]. Youtube.