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The Search Continues

All the books that were presented in this guide are available in the eBook catalog and in the Circulating Stacks of the library. In this section, there are instructions on how to find books on the shelf, a map of the library, and other tips about finding what you need.

Library Openings

The Library is open from Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and 9:00 am to 5 pm on Friday.
Online Reference is also available, Visit here for more information.
For more information, take a look at the Spring 2024 Updates.

Circulating Stacks

To find books or any materials that are available at the library. You must do a search on the library's website. Here is a guide with information on how to find books in the library, Introduction to Library Research.

Once you find that book that you're look for, take note of the call number. It is the alphanumerical code that is next to the location of the book.


If needed, here is a guide to borrowing materials.

eBook Catalog

Guide on How to find and download ebooks

Search the eBook catalog: Proquest eBook Central



How to Search for Books

  • Start search on the homepage of the library's website. 
  • Select the " Books & Media" tab above the search bar

  • Using "Chaucer" or any of his literary works as a search term is useful but it would it is advisable to be more specific. Trying search for specific people, places and things related to the stories.
  • On the right column of the search page, there are options that can to limit search results.

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Other Libraries


   If the SFC library doesn't have the books that you need, students have the option of requesting materials through Interlibrary Loan.