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Biography Research


Conducting Biographical Research

Who should you choose? 

Someone you are find interesting. That someone can be a famous person that you admire, someone in your chosen career field, or even your favorite author as long as you feel you want to learn about him, her, or them. 

How to conduct research?   

As you find out more about your subject, you will have a better understanding of who the person is and what he or she (or they) did. Take notes of important dates, events, and facts. Notice any contradictory views of your subject? Understand that a writer can have different opinions about your subject in different sources. Hence, try to learn about your chosen person from a wide range of sources.  

How do I start?  

Start by consulting reference resources to get a more detailed description of your subject. Reference resources include encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, etc. Then look at the bibliographies at the end of the entries in these sources. You may find autobiographies, biographies, and other important works like documentaries listed. Then use our library resources to locate these works as well as discover more items.