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Video Streaming

How to Create a Clip

Find your video and set it at the exact time you wish to notate.

Select the bookmark option for clips that run through till the end of the video.







Use the scissor icon to create a clip with specific start and end times.

Red and green flags will appear to designate start and end times of the clip. Drag these flags to change the times times or manually enter the exact times.

Use the text box to add notes and annotations to the clip.







The clip will appear to the right of the video, along with other user-created clips.





Note: Clips of this video created by other users will also appear in this list.



Creating a Playlist

Click on the 'Playlist' button on the toolbar below the video display in order to add the video/clips to a playlist.

Choose to add the video/clips to an existing playlist or create a new one.

Once you are on the playlist screen, Academic Video Online allows you to add external web resources to the playlist. Just click on the red button 'Add an external weblink'.

Enter the URL of the web resource and any notes in the description section.

These web resources will now appear in your playlist alongside the videos from Academic Video Online.

Sharing Playlists

To share your playlist, click the 'Embed/Link' button

Use the direct link or embed code to share the playlist.

Note: Ensure your visibility options are set to allow other people to view the playlist before sharing.

Click the 'Edit Playlist' button and then select the appropriate option from the drop down menu.