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U.S. Elections

Introduction to US Elections

US Election Pamphlet

Want to learn more about how elections work in the US?

Check out this informational pamphlet from the Bureau of International Information Programs of the Department of State that provides an overview of US elections.

For more information on the US election process, has a great primer. Visit their election page to find out more.


The library has a number of eBooks covering the US Election system from introductory overviews to in-depth reference resources. Check out some of the recommended books below, or search our eBook catalog for more.

If you need help searching for eBooks, check out this video introduction from our Library Information Assistant, Kelcy.

The Electoral College

You've probably heard of the electoral college. But what is it exactly? And how does it relate to the Presidential elections? This video from TED-Ed offers an introduction to the Electoral College.

For more information about the Electoral College the National Archives has a useful explainer.