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Open Education Resources

Finding Open Education Resources

The resources listed on this page can help you find OER in your subject area which you can choose to adopt or customize and tailor to your course needs.

Like any type of research searching for Open Education Resources takes time and persistence. Don't be discouraged if you can't find any relevant resources right away.

OER Search Engines/Repositories

OER Commons

An online library for OER that includes everything from textbooks to open data sets; from class activities to full courses. Covers all subject areas and grade levels.


One of the oldest OER repositories started by California State University. Highly rated and peer reviewed resources automatically sort to the top of results. It relies on crowdsourcing so double check the licensing.

Mason OER Metafinder

Search aggregator from George Mason University that searches across 18 of the biggest repositories for open education materials.


Openly Available Sources Integrated Search (OASIS) is a search tool from SUNY Geneseo for discovering open education resources. It searches multiple sources and contains over 170,000 records.

Open Culture

Not really a repository, but a website that aggregates the best cultural and educational media available online, including courses, textbooks, films and audio books.


OpenStax Textbook

Wide selection of peer-reviewed books created by Rice University. Focus primarily on core and introductory courses

BC Campus OpenEd

Curated collection of open textbooks from British Columbia educators aligned with the top-40 enrolled courses in the region.

Open Textbook Library

Textbooks covering all major subject areas collected by the University of Minnesota. It's a huge collection and around 60% of the books have been peer-reviewed.

Libre Texts

A project led by the University of California, Davis to create a collection of textbooks covering a range of disciplines from chemistry to the humanities.

Milne Open Textbooks

A publishing initiative led by SUNY libraries created a small collection of peer-reviewed textbooks authored by SUNY faculty.

Open Courses

Open Course Library

A collection of shareable course materials designed by college faculty, instructional designers and librarians. Includes syllabi, course activities, readings and assessments. Most courses can be taught at no cost to students.


Founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, edX is an online learning platform, offering high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere.

MIT Open Courseware

Platform from MIT where they publish all of our course materials online and make them widely available to everyone. So far materials from over 2400 MIT courses have been published online.

Open Yale

Free and open access to a selection of introductory courses taught by teachers and scholars at Yale University.

Academic Earth

Academic Earth has a curated collection of free online college courses from the world’s top universities.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning services. It has partnerships with many leading cultural and academic institutions to offer content.

Saylor Academy

A non-profit initiative founded in 2008 offering nearly 100 full-length courses at the college and professional levels.