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Google images is a search service that allows users to search the web for image content. In 2011 it released a reverse image search function.

Reverse Image Search

A reverse image search is basically searching Google using an image rather than keywords. You can use reverse image searching to find information about an image, find any other websites that use this image, or look for other sizes of this image.

This feature can be incredibly useful for fact-checking images that you see from news outlets or on social media. There have been well known examples of media outlets propagating fake news by illustrating current news stories with images that originate from entirely different contexts and even date from several years previously.

Reverse image searching is a quick and easy way to verify the images that you are seeing online.

How to Reverse Image Search

There are two different ways that you can do reverse image searches using Google images:

Firstly, on Google images, select the camera icon in the search box.Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search

A box will appear allowing you to either paste the URL of the image or upload an image from your computer. Once you have done this, click the "Search by image" button.

Reverse Image Search

Alternatively, if you find an image online you would like to search, simply right click on the image and select 'Search Google for image'

The results are presented like a typical Google search. - a list of websites where the image can be found and often there is also a knowledge panel on the right with further information about the image.

Reverse Image Search