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New Biology Books

Biodiversity in a Changing Climate

One major consequence of climate change is abrupt, dramatic changes in regional biodiversity. The book includes case studies and best practices used to address impacts related to climate change across a broad spectrum of species and habitats--from coastal krill and sea urchins to prairie grass and mountain bumblebees.

The Infographic Guide to Science

Discover how the world really works in this spectacular journey through space and time that shows the development of the material Universe from the first cataclysmic moments to the emergence of human and machine intelligence.

A Passion for DNA

A principal architect and visionary of the new biology, a Nobel Prize-winner at 34 and best-selling author at 40 (The Double Helix), James D. Watson had the authority, flair, and courage to take an early and prominent role as commentator on the march of DNA science and its implications for society.

Next Gen PhD

Next Gen PhD provides a frank and up-to-date assessment of the current career landscape facing science PhDs. Nonfaculty careers once considered Plan B are now preferred by the majority of degree holders, says Melanie Sinche.  A certified career counselor with extensive experience working with graduate students and postdocs, Sinche offers step-by-step guidance through the career development process: identifying personal strengths and interests, building work experience and effective networks, assembling job applications, and learning tactics for interviewing and negotiating--all the essentials for making a successful career transition. 

Southern Sanctuary

In Southern Sanctuary, retired NASA research scientist and writer Marian Moore Lewis takes readers on a journey of discovery through the Goldsmith-Schiffman Wildlife Sanctuary, a 400-acre preserve in Madison County, Alabama.  Marian Moore Lewis's Southern Sanctuary is a new classic in the best tradition of nature writing.

On the Trail of Ebola

On the Trail of Ehola tells the exciting life story of a celebrated researcher and the dangerous viruses that lurk everywhere. It is a story of brilliant science in sometimes abominable circumstances, of lurching between misery and hope, between fierce criticism and disarming humor.

Finding Biology Books

Biology ShelvesBiology Shelves 

The best way to find biology books is to search the library catalog.

You can also find biology books by browsing the library shelves.  Most of the biology books will be in the same section near other books on medicine.

Try these call numbers:

Q- Science

QH- Natural History, Biology, Bioethics

QK- Botany

QL- Zoology

QM- Human Anatomy

QP- Physiology

QR- Microbiology

Other Libraries

BookshelfIf you can't find the book you want you can always check the WorldCat Catalog to see if it is in a nearby library.  SFC Library is a member of Academic Libraries of Brooklyn (ALB).  If you request an ALB card from the Reference Desk you can visit six other academic libraries.

You can also request an Interlibrary Loan from another library by filling out the form below.