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A guide to using technology at SFC

View an Assignment


  • Your instructor may choose to hide the Assignments link in Course Navigation. If the Assignments link is not available, you can still access Assignments through your user or course dashboard, the Syllabus, Gradebook, Calendar, or Modules.
  • If the assignment you are accessing displays differently, your assignment may be using the Assignment Enhancements feature option. Please view this guide for more information.


Submit an Assignment Online


To submit an assignment, click on the assignment you want to submit. Then click the Submit Assignment.  

Your instructor will decide what kinds of submissions are appropriate for each Assignment. There are four submission types: upload a file, submit a text entry, enter a website URL, or submit media. You can only select one submission type per submission

Note: Not all file types may be available for your Assignment, depending on the assignment submission type set by your instructor.

Your instructor may limit the number of submission attempts you are allotted for an assignment. If your assignment has a limited number of submissions, you can view the number of submission attempts you have made and the number of submission allowed for the assignment.

Take a Quiz

In Course Navigation, click the Quizzes link.

Note: Your instructor may be using an upgraded quiz tool called New Quizzes in your course. If the quiz you are taking displays differently, your instructor may be using New Quizzes. For help with taking a New Quizzes quiz, please see How do I take an assessment in New Quizzes?

1. In Course Navigation, click the Quizzes link.

Open Quizzes


Open Quiz

Open Quiz

Find an available quiz you'd like to take and click the title of the quiz.

Take Quiz

Take Quiz

To begin the quiz, click the Take the Quiz button.