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Digital Tools, Platforms, and Resources

Digital tools, platforms, and resources.

Mapping Data

Mapping data requires tools that are designed to visualize spaces. It may be useful to map contemporary geographical data visually for viewers and to provide narrative and analytic context for the viewer. These tools can help.  


Supported by Northwestern University’s Knight Lab, StoryMapJS is a free user-friendly tool that allows users to map and visualize place-based narratives. StoryMapJS allows uses to in-put geographical data, write in context, upload large image files, and include media sources. StoryMapJS also allows users to upload their own styled maps from the platform Mapbox. StoryMapJS is used by universities and newspapers such as the Washington Post to make interactive, place-based narratives. Maps produced in StoryMapJS can be embedded on a website or shared.  


Mapbox is a free online-platform that offers Mapbox Studio. In Mapbox Studio, users can design their own maps and import their own data. Mapbox Studio enables users to to visualize geolocation data as well as to style a map according to their own specficiations. In Mapbox Studio, users can export their maps to integrate them into StoryMapJS to produce more unique designs. Mapbox Studio is accessible for both beginning users and more advanced users.   

See an example of a project made with StoryMapJS and Mapbox below