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Digital Tools, Platforms, and Resources

Digital tools, platforms, and resources.

Text Analysis

Text Analysis is a process of interpreting written texts by examining content, structure, and meaning. There are a variety of computational tools that can assist with the process of textual analysis of texts ranging from novels, poems, plays, to scraped data.  


Voyant is an open-source, web application that enables text analysis. Users can upload texts to Voyant or engage in analysis of online texts. Voyant is an excellent tool to introduce the basics of computational textual analysis but is also able to analyze corpuses of texts.  


SentText is a web application that supports online sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis is a form of text mining for opinion with roots in opinion and marketing research but may be useful in the social sciences and humanities when studying corpuses of texts. SentText is designed by scholars specifically for academic research and is a user-friendly tool for students and researchers interested in sentiment analysis. SentText is free and supports the comparison of multiple texts, including texts in German. 


Wmatrix is a web application that faciliates corpus analysis and comparison including word frequencies and concordances. Wmatrix allows users to annotate and analyze texts using the UCREL semantic analysis system which semantically labels parts of speech. Wmaxtrix also allows users to deploy the Constituent Likelihood Automatic Word-Tagging System (CLAWS) part-of-speech-tagging. Wmatrix supports user upload of texts. Wmatrix offers a free one-month trial and a subscription for the service for 50 pounds a year.  


TAPoR is a website that curates a large amount of resources for studying texts. TAPoR is a curated list of resources that allow users to search for tools to assist with their specific needs ranging from visualization to Natural Language Processing (NLP). TAPoR is an excellent resource if you want to compare different textual analysis tools for different uses. TAPoR is free and accessible online.