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Health Promotion and Sciences

This guide directs you to books, ebooks, journals, DVDs and Reference materials on Health Promotion and Health Science. Learn about researching health promotion and science topics in the library and on the web.

New Health Promotion & Sciences Books

The Infographic Guide to Science

Discover how the world really works in this spectacular journey through space and time that shows the development of the material Universe from the first cataclysmic moments to the emergence of human and machine intelligence.

Geopolitics in Health

Eduardo J. Gomez takes a critical look at how the emerging BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) economies dealt with the obesity, AIDS, and tuberculosis epidemics.

Health Care as a Right of Citizenship

This book examines the theoretical foundations for health care as a social right of citizenship. Almgren then translates these theoretical principles into core health care policy aims. Throughout, he argues that the ACA is but an evolutionary step toward a more radical and fundamental health care reform. Almgren suggests how such a restructured health care system might operate, with specific proposals for its financing and delivery systems.

Crowdsourced Health

In this book, Elad Yom-Tov argues that Internet data could change the way medical research is done. He describes how studies of Internet searches have, among other things, already helped researchers track to side effects of prescription drugs, to understand the information needs of cancer patients and their families, and to recognize some of the causes of anorexia. Yom-Tov shows that the information collected can benefit humanity without sacrificing individual privacy.

Finding Health Promotion and Science Books

The best way to find Health Promotion & Science books is to search the library catalog.

You can also find books by browsing the library shelves.  There are several different sections where you might find books related to Health Promotion & Science.

Try these call numbers:


GV- Physical Education and Training, Sports

HV- Emergency Management

Q- Science

QH- Natural History, Biology, Bioethics

QM- Human Anatomy

QP- Physiology

QR- Microbiology

R- Medicine

RA- Public Health, Epidemiology, Preventative Medicine