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Check out some of our recommended online resources for research in nursing.

WHOWorld Health Organisation Fact Sheets

Access World Health Organization (WHO) fact sheets for a range of illnesses and health issues. Also access WHO data and research publications through their website.

CDC Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC)

Website of the leading public health institute in the US. Access CDC data and statistics, surveys, fact sheets and research publications through their online portal.

Medline Plus Medline Plus

Medline Plus brings you reliable, up-to-date health information about about a range of diseases, conditions, and wellness issues. Learn about the latest treatments, look up information on a drug, or view medical videos. Also links to latest medical research and clinical trials.

National Cancer Institute National Cancer Institute

This website offers free, credible, and comprehensive information about cancer prevention and screening, diagnosis and treatment, research across the cancer spectrum, clinical trials, and news and links to other NCI websites.

BMC Biomed Central (BMC)

Part of Springer Nature, BMC publishes over 300 open-access, peer reviewed journals including BMC Biology, BMC Medicine, Genome Medicine and Malaria Journal.


Non-profit organization that provides objective, evidence-based clinical practice guideline content. Requires users to register for a free account to access most content.