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Political Science

This research guide lists the articles, databases, journals, and resources relevant to Political Science.

Finding Articles

For information on how how to construct relevant keywords and keyphrases, see  Introduction to Basic Research Guide

​Okay. Let's say you're looking for books, articles and videos on how the media influences politics and may contribute to nationalism. 
Before you start searching for articles, it's good practice to first construct relevant keywords / keyphrases. 
How do we do that?  Think of the words that are essential to your search. 

Media. Nationalism. Politics. 

Watch this step-by-step screencast or follow the steps below.

Note that we're searching for EVERYTHING -- books (print and electronic), articles, and media. 


​Do you have time to look at over 96,000 titles? I didn't think so. 
​Let's try to narrow our search by limiting it to ARTICLES only. ​And then let's limit our search to the
Peer-Reviewed Journals and articles that are only available in Full Text. 

We now have  a little over 41,000 articles. Still too many. Let's try doing an advanced search. Click on
ADVANCED SEARCH tab to the right of the Search Bar. Let's see if we get any articles with all of our keywords in the title. Assign each keyword to a separate search field and choose In The Title from the dropdown menu. Let's also limit the publication date range to the last ten years. Finally, let's request articles from Peer-Reviewed Journals only. 


This is more like it.
Note: You don't need to put all of your keywords in the "TITLE" fields. 
If you're not getting enough entries, adjust the limitors in the search fields or in the left sidebar.