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Political Science

This research guide lists the articles, databases, journals, and resources relevant to Political Science.


American Political Science Association
Founded in 1903, the American Political Science Association (APSA) is the leading professional organization for the study of political science and serves more than 11,000 members in more than 100 countries. With a range of programs and services for individuals, departments, and institutions, APSA brings together political scientists from all fields of inquiry, regions, and occupational endeavors within and outside academe to deepen our understanding of politics, democracy, and citizenship throughout the world.
BBC: Country Profiles 
Short profiles of each country, less detailed than the World Fact Book. But many countries have impressive pictures of their people and culture. Click on In Pictures tab (and be sure to credit anything you use).\
Centre for Intercultural Learning (Country Insights)
This Canadian site links to the best website sources for each country. Topics that the website cover are geography, politics, media, history, culture and economy.
CIA World Fact Book
--Find drop-down menu that says -- Select a Country or Region -- in upper right corner
--Find your country alphabetically
Countries and Regions (US Department of State)
Information about countries of the world, compiled by the US Department of State."
Countries at a Glance Tables (World Bank)
Each table presents two pages of key indicators tracing the trends in social and economic development from the last three decades.
EIU Country Reports
Analyst reports and forecasts for both economic and political aspects.
Economic, social, and demographic statistics from the Statistical Office of the European Communities
Guide to Countries of the World
Global handbook that provides a wealth of information for every country in the world, such as history, as well as contemporary social, economic, political and religious issues.
Human Rights Web Archive
The Human Rights Web Archive is an initiative by Columbia University Libraries and Information Services (CUL) and its Center for Human Rights Documentation & Research (CHRDR), with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, to select, preserve, and provide access to freely available internet resources, specifically addressing at-risk websites in the area of human rights.
IPUMS International
Select and download census data collated by University of Minnesota from over 60 countries.
Perspectives on Terrorism
Perspectives on Terrorism is the peer-reviewed online journal of the Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI). It seeks to provide a unique platform for established scholars as well as academics and professionals entering the field of Terrorism, Political Violence and Conflict Studies.
Political Research Online
Political Research Online (PROL) is a collaborative project led by the American Political Science Association and a consortium of political science and related associations. It collects emerging scholarship in political science.
PRB DataFinder
Produced by the Population Research Bureau. Browse by topic or select areas to view the rankings. (e.g. Percentage of Urban population, Percentage of Youth aged 10-24)
World Development Indicators
Access to development indicators from the World Bank with time series data for over 220 countries and 18 country groups. Data includes social, economic, financial, natural resources, and environmental indicators.