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LinkedIn Learning

Introducing SFC faculty to the LinkedIn Learning video course platform and guiding them on how to create collection, learning paths, and share it all with their students on Canvas.

What is Learning Path?

A Learning Path is a collection of courses on LinkedIn Learning that focus on certain subjects, such as finding a job, developing soft skills, or learning new software. They contain videos, tutorials, and exercises that can help you learn valuable skills to enter a new career or advance in your current one.

Courses can take anywhere from 2 - 23 hours. Each course is different. Your LinkedIn Learning account will track and maintain your progress so you can learn at your own pace

Once you complete a Learning Path, you can verify your achievement with a certificate. LinkedIn Learning can track when a course is played; however, the learner is responsible for validating the completion and understanding of the course. The Certificate of Completion is automatically generated when LinkedIn Learning detects that all the videos in the given course or learning path have been completed.

LinkedIn Learning Certificate

Learning Path Examples

Become a Leader

Learn how to influence and support others in the achievement of common goals. Examine how to lead a group and provide inspiration, clarity, and direction. Discover how to rally others and build morale. Learn how to gain commitment by influencing teams to set objectives and buy in on a process. 

Learning path details

  •  8h 58m of content
  •  8 items of learning content
  •  English language

Microsoft 365 - The Basics

New to Microsoft 365? Get up to speed fast with the core Office 365 tools—Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook—as well as newer collaboration apps like Teams and Planner. Plus, learn the basics of the Windows 10 operating system.

Skills: Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access, Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft PowerPoint, +3 more 

Learning path details

  •  17h 30m of content
  •  11 items of learning content
  •  English language


Become a Web Developer

Kick-start your career building powerful and attractive apps and sites. This learning path will provide you with the foundational skills you need to begin mastering the core technologies to become a web developer, from HTML and CSS to JavaScript and much more!

Skills: Web Development, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, JavaScript, Front-End Development

Learning path details

  •  20h 51m of content
  •  8 items of learning content
  •  English language