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LinkedIn Learning

Introducing SFC faculty to the LinkedIn Learning video course platform and guiding them on how to create collection, learning paths, and share it all with their students on Canvas.

Create New or Copy Existing



To create a learning path, click on the LEARNING PATH link in the dropdown menu.

  • From the pop-up that appears

  • Click on Create new if you’d like to build a new learning path, and follow the instructions specified below.
    *Video Tutorial*
  • Click on Copy existing if you’d like to copy and customize an existing learning path to fit your needs. If you choose this option, click Select from the learning path you’d like to copy. You can then edit the learning path to personalize it.
    *Video Tutorial*
  • In the Create new Learning Path: Details window:
  • Add a default or custom thumbnail: Select the Default thumbnail image, or upload a Custom thumbnail image. Please note that the ability to upload thumbnails is only available with LinkedIn Learning Pro licenses.
  • Add title: The title of your learning path.
  • Add description: A summary of what the learning path is about.
  • Select content language: Select the language of the learning path.
  • Set discoverability: Define who can find this content on their homepage and in search results. Anyone within your organization can view the content with a shared link.
  • Add skills: The skills you think learners will develop after watching the learning path.
  • Add custom tags: Tags that are unique to your organization and will help learners search for the learning path.
  • Click Create.
  • Add a section title, Add a section description, and click
  • Add content.
  • You may select

Add existing custom content and LinkedIn Learning content or

  • Add new linked custom content.
  • If you choose to add the LinkedIn Learning content, click the
  • Add icon.
  • When you have added all the courses and videos you would like, click
  • Close in the top right.
  • You can then click
  1. Add new section or click Save & Publish in the upper right corner. Learn more about editing a learning path.

Once you click Publish, you can download the learning path to your LMS or recommend your learning path to learners in your organization.