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LinkedIn Learning

Introducing SFC faculty to the LinkedIn Learning video course platform and guiding them on how to create collection, learning paths, and share it all with their students on Canvas.

The Curator Role


All faculty members at SFC are assigned CURATOR roles. 
Let's see what a Curator can do on LinkedIn Learning (LIL). 

First, let's navigate to your LInkedIn Learning homepage -- Click on LinkedIn Learning and log in.

Alternatively, you go to, log in with your LIL username and password, after which you'll be prompted to authenticate youself via SFC OneLogin.

(Once the IT department links LinkedIn Learning with Canvas, you'll be able to follow all the below steps directly from Canvas.)

in the upper right corner, you should see an Add icon, which allows you to upload content, create learning path, or see your library.

 ***See the Left Sidebar on how to --

Create a new Learning Path or copy an existing one

Add your own content

Share a learning path, course, or video