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Welcome Entrepreneurs!

The obituary was being written for 'entrepreneurship.' Then Covid-19  happened. - Bizwomen

What Does it Mean to Be an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur can be described as an individual who initiates or arranges the establishment of a business and actively participates in its day-to-day operations. In simpler terms, an entrepreneur is someone who starts and maintains their own company.

According to Investopedia, entrepreneurs often fund their ventures through loans from investors, their personal savings, or financial assistance from their families. This underscores the significance of having a well-structured financial strategy and a comprehensive comprehension of the inherent risks associated with the business endeavor.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

While there isn't a singular "correct" path to becoming an entrepreneur, the typical career progression generally follows these steps:

  1. Conceive an idea for a unique or in-demand business.
  2. Acquire knowledge and expertise in various business facets, including finance, accounting, management, and marketing.
  3. Create a business plan and secure sources of funding.
  4. Recruit skilled employees and managers possessing the necessary abilities to develop, test, implement, support, and sustain the company's products.
  5. Formulate strategies for launching the product or service, as well as for attracting and retaining customers.
  6. As the company becomes established, explore avenues for revenue growth by expanding into new markets and product lines.
  7. As the company evolves, the founder's role is likely to encompass both long-term strategic planning and short-term tactical management, along with financial decision-making. Pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a similar management-oriented degree equips aspiring entrepreneurs, including women, with the essential skills required to achieve success throughout every phase of the process as they realize their business aspirations.