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Intro to Public Speaking

Public Speaking Tips

Looking for a ways to improve your presentations and public speaking style? Check out this Google-hosted talk from Scott Berkun (author of Confessions of a Public Speaker). It's a fantastic talk with practical and actionable suggestions to help improve your presentation style and master any public speaking nerves.


For more tips on creating effective presentations and improving your public speaking, check out these books.

We also have many more books on public speaking in the library. Try browsing the stacks in the call number range PN4001 - PN4355 to find more books on public speaking, debating, and oratory.

Online Resources

There are many online resources to help you improve your public speaking skills. These resources include; online textbooks, practical speech assignments and examples of famous speeches from historical figures as well as contemporary speeches from experts in their field.

Public Speaking Project

The Public Speaking Project

An online project with a range of tools to help people improve their public speaking skills. Includes an open textbook as well as video modules and classroom activities.


American RhetoricThe Art of Public Speaking: The Great Courses

Twelve engaging and accessible lectures on the art of public speaking using great speeches from history to illustrate the discussion (This video series is accessible through Kanopy).


American RhetoricAmerican Rhetoric

Many speech related resources, including a huge database of full-text, audio and video versions of public speeches spanning the history of the US.


Ted Talks

TED Talks

Watch video talks from expert speakers on a range of topics, including business, economics, politics, technology, science and more!