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Intro to Public Speaking

Visual Aid Books

Tired of presentations that are nothing more than a series of bullet point lists?

Learn about when and how to use visual aids in your presentation by reading this great article, "Best Practices for Designing Presentation Slides" from Virtual Speech.

Also, check out these recommended books for an introduction to visual design and how to effectively incorporate visual aids into your presentations. 

Image Resources

These online platforms provide access to large collections of open access content that can be reused freely. Whether you're looking for images, videos, primary sources or cultural heritage, these services can help you find exactly what you need to make your presentations more relevant and engaging.

CC Search

Creative Commons Search

Looking for images to use in your presentation? Try the Creative Commons search tool. It provides access to millions of images available under Creative Commons licenses.


LIFE Magazine

LIFE magazine photo archive

Millions of photos from the LIFE magazine archive available to search online. The images cover from the 1750s to the present and most are available online for the first time.




Repository from Duke University with digital images and information for over 7,000 print advertisements from the US and Canada between 1911 and 1955.



Digital Public Library of America

The DPLA is an online repository with over 33 million items of digitized cultural heritage from institutions across the US, including images, text, videos and audio.




Europeana partners with thousands of European archives, libraries, and museums to provide access to a wealth of cultural heritage. Over 50 million digitized items on the platform.


Google Arts and CultureGoogle Art Project

Massive online platform providing access to high-resolution artworks from many of the world's leading art museums.


Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

A media file repository that contains public domain and freely-licensed images, video and audio from many cultural institutions.


Public Domain Review

Public Domain Review

A curated selection of the best out-of-copyright materials online alongside long-form essays on their wonderful and curious histories. The public domain collections span images, video and books.


NYPL Digital Collections

NYPL Digital Collections

Contains over 750,000 items digitized from the New York Public Library collections. Features prints, photographs, maps, manuscripts, and more.